Issue 13/08

Well, well, well….. I’m back from Sunny (and freezing) South Africa and as busy as a little worker bee in the office! And I thought that I had it easy in this job hehehehe
So, I’ll start off my blog this week by saying a huge THANKS to everyone that I got to see in South Africa, even if some of it was very short and sweet…. It’s really hard to get time to see everyone and I will just make sure that next time I make better time for those of you I didn’t see quite so much of.
There’s always December and I’m around for my birthday and New year :)))))
So anyway, I arrived on Friday to a pretty freezing cold JNB but was soon warmed up at home with mommy’s home cooking! Yum Yum šŸ™‚
The most exciting thing about coming home was that my little Bubbie remembered me!!!! YAY!!!
Saturday I went to Morgans’ 1st birthday party… that was really good fun and I got to see many faces who I hadn’t expected to see while in SA – good fun!
After that was my school reunion – I had such a good time!!! It was worth the hard work that went into organising the whole thing from 3 different continents, and it came together so nicely.
It was weird to see some people, and to see that some people just don’t change!
Sunday was my Welcome back party – and boy oh boy did we party!!!! I’m really thankful to those who made, terribly sorry for those I got lost, and well those of you who couldnt make it… pity! It was great fun!
Here are just a few pictures of the sort of nonsense we got up to šŸ™‚

The rest of my time in JNB was pretty relaxed – a nice visit to my Dad and family, and off to my old off to say hi. Just general chilling out a bit!
Friday was off to Sun City which was, as usual, a huge jol!!!
Thanks to Mom and James for as always, giving us a fantastic weekend away :)))
Here are just a few pics of the weekend, including some of the game viewing pictures I took – enjoy!

Then on Monday was back home, saying bye to my precious Bubbie again, and off to the airport.

I had a pretty shitty flight back with a screaming baby the whole way, but I am a toughie and survived the next few days back in the UAE with VERY little sleep.
This weekend just past I took the opportunity to do a bit of catching up on my sleep, and also spent some time catching up with friends.
The most exciting thing that I did (which ended up being a total disappointment) was go to the Ice Bar. It was nothing like Ski Dubai and I was just very disappointed with the whole atmosphere of the place in general. Oh well, you win some you lose some…
The glasses that you drink out of are made out of ICE!
So, that brings me to the end of my blog!
As from today we are celebrating Ramadan here in UAE and all work hours have been shortened to 08h30 until 15h00 every day. Woohoo!!! It does just mean that we are not allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING at the office… not even water!
So, as we say here in the UAE – Ramadan Kareem (means Good wishes)
Lots of love to all and hope to chat soon!!!

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