Issue 11/08

Well, well, well I really am keeping myself busy these days!!!
Last week was a special edition issue due to there having been so much to report on from Oman, and now with this week being the normal Fortnutly you will not be disappointed.
Again I have been out and about, seeing and doing as much new stuff as possible.
This weekend past saw an Arabic wedding on Thursday night and a trip up to the East Coast on Friday. Thankfully Saturday was a day of rest in front of the TV with some friends (unfortunately we had made an effort to watch the rugby, or so it’s meant to be called. Not quite sure what the Saffers thought they were playing!!!)
A while back I was invited to this wedding by my colleague – her sister was getting married and she invited me. It seems to be a big thing to have as many people as possible at the wedding (I discovered when I got there they had tables booked for their BANK!!!)
Anyway, so Thursday was a mad rush after work to get home and decide what to wear, get dressed and get to the hotel by about 20h30. The trick of getting to the hotel was finding it myself as I opted to drive there and save the AED120 or so in taxi fare – there was no drinking at the wedding (in fact the entire hotel) and so it was ok to drive.
Once I had decided on which dress to wear (I borrowed one from a friend) I got myself horribly lost and only arrived at the hotel about 9pm. But it was all ok because the bride and groom had still not arrived.
I sat around marvelling at the decorations and trying to understand why there were no men around; I found out that they have separate ladies and men’s parties. Quite weird!
Then at about 10pm I saw everyone getting up and leaving the room so I followed only to hear this cacophony of people singing, and dancing and carrying on. The guests were all standing around the bride and groom singing and dancing and celebrating while they walked towards the entrance of the room we had been sitting in.
Here they all came inside and there was a dance done in front of the bride and groom.
Once the dancers were done, all the men left and went off to their own room while the women carried on dancing and singing and just having a good time.
The “stage” that the bride sits on
At about 11pm the groom came back into the room and the bride and groom then exchanged rings, cut the cake and then everyone sat down to eat (23h30!!!!!!)

I eventually left at just after midnight as I had to be up early (like 06h30) to head off to the East coast to Fujairah – it’s about a 2 hour drive from home and I was meeting friends first at 8am.
So, once I get there the girls pile in my car, and the boys get into the Jeep and off we go!
It was an enjoyable trip up there, and really interesting once we started hitting the East Coast as the scenery changes completely and instead of seeing desert and construction and buildings, you see MOUNTAINS!
It was absolutely beautiful.

We stopped on the side of the road and bought what seemed to be a coconut of sorts (not that nice) and then carried on along our journey.
The UAE flag
We arrived around 11am and thankfully the temperature had dropped from 45 degrees to a mere 35 degrees, with the sun hiding behind some clouds. It was a stunning day for us lying on the beach.

The crowd I was with all went off and did some snorkelling – I gave it a skip and opted to lie in the (not so present) sun and read a bit. Apparently they saw some really cool fish and even saw some turtles. But the whole day was really enjoyable and our next trip is probably off to Ras al Khaimah – also on the East Coast somewhere, but then we’ll stay over for the night and make a weekend of it.

Snoopy Island – where the guys were snorkelling
So, thats’ what I have been upto recently – I just never stop and I LOVE IT! I am making the most of my time here and look forward to each weekend that I can do something interesting.
I have made some more really good friends (all South Africans which is really nice) so I’m going to be kept very busy trying to spend my time with all my friends.
At this point in time nothing exciting planned for the near future, but let’s see what happens in 2 weeks time with the next blog update.
‘Til then, adios!
Love Hazy

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