Mom and Megs visit

Man oh man oh man!!!! What a super duper holiday I had with Mom and Megs being out here…. we were like real tourists, going on city tours, taking millions of photos, doing touristy things and of course – THE SHOPPING!!! Yes, there was plenty of that… so much so that Megs actually ran out of money on the second last day! It was great getting a chance to have a girls family holiday as this was our first EVER, and we all loved every second of it.

I took over 200 photos so they will definitely not all be on my blog, but below is a bit of an account of what we did and some photos to go with it all…

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!
Mom and Megs arrived absolute sparrow farts on Wednesday 25 June (05h00) and I was at the airport to pick them up. After a few hassles with immigration, they finally made their way through and I saw them!!! Typical snot en trane at the airport, but it was so good to see them πŸ™‚
We went back to my place and had a cup of tea and then Mom and Megs took turns in having a nap to get some energy for the holiday ahead.
We started our holiday off at Barasti for a few snacks on the beach – a nice gentle welcoome to heat of Dubai. It was chilled and we had lots of banter flowing.

From there we went to The Marina Walk where we enjoyed a Dhow Cruise and dinner afterwards. The photos below are all taken from the Dhow – the coastline of Dubai Marina area.

The next day was all about shopping, shopping, shopping!!! We spent 6 HOURS in the Mall of Emirates – walking from one side to the next… it was great πŸ™‚
Saturday we went on a Desert Safari… what a fab outing. This was obviously my second one but it was still great fun and I will be going on more!!! However, I discovered that the drive / dune bashing is actually quite scary for people who do not enjoy thrill seeking rides! Sorry Mom and Megs. However, I also got a chance to sand board and I totally kicked ass!!! There’s a picture of the guys standing down a hill which we all went down… But it was all worth it in the end when we arrived at our dinner and had a wonderful end to the evening!

Sunday we decided to visit Emirates Towers where there is supposed to be this AMAZING view of the city – well, we were deeply disappionted! The bar is situated on the 51st floor of the building so you can imagine…. but when we got there the windows were all dirty and the view just wasn’t anything to write home about.
That evening we went to Uptown at Jumeirah beach hotel and had a much better view from there!
The Burj Al Arab at night with it’s beautiful colours!

Monday night we went extravagant! I had booked us a table at the famous Pai Thai restaurant at Al Qasr hotel – it is rated as the best Southeast Asian restaurant in Dubai, and the prices show it… but we decided to spoil ourselves and it was worth every cent spent! The service was impeccable, the people were friendly and the food was absolutely to die for!!!

Tuesday morning we were real tourists (even me who has been living here for 5 months!!!) and we went on a city tour, on a bus and everything! It was fantastic, and we learnt a hell of a lot. The guide was very friendly and although the tour ended on a poor note at the old gold souk, the rest of it was really worthwhile and we had a fab time πŸ™‚
Our tour bus with Lama Tours

The Dubai creek

The museum

Our last “outing” was to Ski Dubai on our second last day together – wow was this fun!!!!! But boy is it totally FREEZING!!!!! It was -3 degrees inside, and silly us arrived there in t-shirts, knowing that we get suits but still – it’s REALLY cold! I actually lost the ability to talk at one point because my face and mouth were so damn cold heheheheh

So, that brings us pretty much to the end…. that afternoon we went and enjoyed some good old South African steak at the Butcher Shop in Mall of Emirates (yummy yummy!!!) and then went to a colleague of mine for dinner to end the holiday off nicely.

What an amazing holiday, worth every cent spent (and believe me there was LOTS of that done hehehe) but it will be stuck in my memories forever!
Now, I start looking forward to my trip home in August – watch this space!!!

And that’s it for now… nothing else very exciting has happened in my life. Back at work and it’s boring.

Till next time!
Love Hazy


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