Issue 10/08

One of the most common topics for people to start a conversation with when not knowing the other person is the weather. Here in Dubai we have the most diverse, strange weather!!!! Apart from it being HOT in general, there is humidity, fog, wind, and the lack of rain to contend with.
The morning of 5 June I woke up at my normal 06h30 and was amazed to look out the window and barely be able to see the buildings over the road due to the FOG outside…. This particular morning the temperature at 7am was 27 degrees Celsius, and humidity at 75%!!!!!! I just had to take some photos…

This last week though has been really strange – the weather hasn’t been very sunny, but it has been humid and warm and it has been overcast most of the time but NO RAIN! As a South African I cannot understand how the sky can be so cloud covered for an entire week and not actually open up and piss down! I suppose that’s why it’s the desert hey?!

I finally tried out a hairdresser in this country, and it wasn’t that bad…. Apart from the cost!!! They charged me AED185 for a CUT and BLOW DRY – that’s over R360!!!!! And that was a cheap place! Most of the places I went to wanted to charge me over R500 for a cut and blow dry. Very funny! I cannot wait to be back in JNB and get my hair done nicely again, at a reasonable price!
At least for now I look pretty good again 🙂

I did my first drive to the Abu Dhabi office ON MY OWN and it was ok… VERY boring being on my own, and by the time I got home later that afternoon I was exhausted from all the driving. But, I stopped on the way there on the side of the road to take some pictures of the incredibly boring drive and happened to stop in front of the this sign:

The “Surprises” that they mention are SPEED BUMPS!! Hilarious 🙂
So, this is what I see on my trips to Abu Dhabi for 140 kms:

My mate Laura and her hubby Clive had a cocktail party on Friday 13th (wooooo) and the theme was red and black (to try make it very Friday the 13th…..) and of course cocktail. On arrival we were greeted with black cats crossing our paths, you had to walk under ladders to go to the loo, and of course spilt salt all over the place 🙂

BUT, Laura is a good person, and she gave everyone a 4-leaf clover to balance out the negative karma in the room!

The evening was an absolute jol and everyone had a fab time. Clive made cocktails all night, karaoke was on the go, and general banter always an ingredient 🙂

All the girls; Laura and I

This coming Monday (16th) the South African Business Council, who Dimension Data is a member of, are holding a braai and social event at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. This hotel is right by my house! So I have decided to go to the event, hear South African accents all night, and enjoy a good old fashioned braai and relaxed evening out!

I finally had my camera fixed and now am able to show you the photo of the Number 1 car we saw a few weeks back…
I found out that it is an Iraq number plate 🙂

And of course, what would a blog entry be without mentioning the (lack of) move to the new office…? Yes, lack of! We still have not yet moved! The new d-day is Wednesday 18 June… we’ll see!

And on that note I love and leave you all!
It’s been smashing writing up this week’s blog – been good fun and actually had some pretty interesting stuff to add!

Cheers for now!
Love Hazy


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