Issue 4/08

Hey there again!

Happy (belated) Easter to everyone – hope you all enjoyed a nice looong weekend!
My weekend ended up being a really long one which was super duper!

The past 2 weeks have been fairly good for me with a bit of stuff going on, but no photos to show off – SORRY!!

Thursday was Prophet Mohammed’s birthday so the whole country came to a standstill and everything closed. Then Siddeek said that “those who celebrate” Easter can have Sunday off, so of course I took it off 🙂
I got my car last week which has just been the best fun EVER! It is such a gorgeous little thing to drive around… so to break it in Jillian and I tried to go watch Camel Racing on Friday morning (met at 6am!!!!!) and drove to Al Ain which is about 115 kms from Dubai. Well, it was a great trip and we made good banter to keep us going so early and got to Al Ain in good spirits and looking forward to the Camel Races.
HOWEVER, we could not find the stoopid race track! We even asked the police who had no idea either… and if they don’t know then we’re wasting our time.
So, we turned around and headed off home… At least I can say that I have been to (and seen) another emirate heheheh
My friendship circle is growing nicely which is good news!
Rebecca (one of the other girls from the Bridget’s club) and I have been in touch a bit more now and she’s good fun. She’s a fan of Robbie (like hello, who wouldn’t be???!!!) and there is a RUMOUR that he is coming out here next month.

So, of course I have someone to go with and will go Golden Circle – don’t care what the cost is!!! And if we have to sleep on the pavement to be in the front, we are both prepared to do it! WOOHOO 🙂

Rebecca is also a great shopping partner!
We met at the Mall on Thursday to get some shopping done for the Dubai World Cup and she is all game to just walk the Mall from one end to the other…. it’s great!
So, yes the Dubai World Cup is coming – Horse races!!!! And I get to dress up in a fancy dress and hat YAY!
I brought a hat with me from SA that I thought might be really great to wear to something like the races, so I wanted to find a dress to match my hat.
And I did – it’s stunning and there will be pics of the races in the next issue of Fortnutly, so look out!
I have been working on my (non-existant) tan. I mean, I can’t exactly live at the beach and NOT have a tan…
I have also discovered that not only do I live in The Marina, but I am about 5kms from the actual beach with waves, and sand and all that good stuff… It’s super exciting!
Now I just need to get the girls together and we can go chill at the beach!
I have finally got myself linked to what is called Showtime here – like DSTV in SA – and it’s pretty good. Has all the latest seasons of things like Desperate Housewives, Prison Break etc, as well as Super 14 live, and MTv and VH1 etc, so I have been able to watch a bit of TV these days.
Other than all this (relatively) exciting news, not much else to report on… next weekend is hopefully gonna be a biggie with the races on the go and all so the next issue should have more pics and be a bumper-filled issue.
I haven’t had a chance to have a pic of me being a total brat in my car with the top down, but it’s coming…
The days are getting pretty hot here now and it’s not a good idea to drive around in the middle of the day with the top down coz of sunburn and all that stuff!
Well, that’s it for this week’s issue… it really is a short and sweet one this time.
Hope you are all keeping well!
Speak to you all soon
Lots of love

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