Theresa’s visit and other fun stuff

Ok, so I know I said this would be a “every second week” thing but this weekend with Theresa just saw sooooo much fun being had, and there are just too many pictures to wait until next week!
So, enjoy 🙂
Theresa arrived on Thursday about 11am and came to my office. Siddeek said I could go early coz she’s here, so we left the office about 14h30 and went to my apartment to drop off some stuff and get the weekend under way!
I had planned on us doing a Dhow cruise to pass the afternoon away and then head off to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and some enjoyable music and FUN! But, when we got to the Marina, there was a prebooked cruise that was going to finish too late for us to get to Hard Rock on time, so we ended up just sitting out there having a (cool)drink and a good old chat. Took some really nice pics of the Marina and all the MONEY there…
Anyway, we head off to Hard Rock cafe that evening for dinner and to listen to “Shine”. And we found out that it was “Shine’s” 2nd last night, so they put on a really super fab performance!

I asked them to play Robbie Wiliams, which they half did… they sang SOME of “Let me entertain you” so at least got to enjoy that a bit 🙂
Friday morning we slept in a bit as we were only planning on going to the Marina in time for a 13h00 Dhow Cruise…
We went and had some lunch at Johnny Rockets before the cruise – it’s a very American (’50’s) burger place and made the most divine burgers!
This is how they bring you their chips: really cute!!!
The Dhow cruise was amazing – just really beautiful to look at the coastline with all the high rise buildings and all the construction going on, and all the really expensive boats!!!
Below are a few pictures taken on the cruise…
How is the colour of the water???!!!!
From there we went back to my apartment to wait for the Desert Safari guys to pick us up.
Now this is something I could do everyday!!!
It was one of the best “sightseeing” outings I have ever been on… and we had such a fun driver – he’d find funny little hills to go up that no-one else was, just for the fun of it!
Here he is with us at the end of the night…
And here’s a whole BUNCH of pics I took – it was quite difficult at times to take pictures coz you’re bouncing up and down like crazy as these guys are all over these hills, but I think I did quite well!
(Alice only has ONE hump…)

We were “lucky” enough to witness a car getting stuck… it was really funny from our point of view!

Pulling the guys free!!!

After we’ve done some serious dune bashing and the sun is starting to set, they bring us over a hill to where we can enjoy camel rides, dinner, sheesha pipes, henna tattoos etc. It’s just a great end to a really fun afternoon.
The Camels (which we never got a chance to ride coz they were sooooo busy)
The “campsite”
Us all dressed up – I’m on the left of the photo and Theresa on the right
The Belly dancer
Getting my Henna
The Outcome – I think it looks gorgeous and will probably keep getting it put back on once this one wears off…
Smoking a “Sheesha”
At about 20h30 they take us back to where they picked everyone up from (all individual places) which takes about an hour, so by the time we got home at like 21h30 we were fairly knackered. We sat and watched a DVD and then went to bed.
Saturday was up fairly early and off to the Mall for a bit of shopping, and really just so that Theresa could see it…
From there she caught a taxi and went home 😦
So, here I am on my own again…
I have managed to find a female social group (Bridget Jones) and will be going to their “Welcome drinks” on Wednesday night. It’s right by my house, so gonna hop in a taxi and go see what it’s all about. Even if I only meet one person there that I get on with, it’s a start, so I’ll be reporting back on that!
Anyway, that’s it for this “Special Edition” of Fortnutly…
Oh, and by the way – I am now officially a Dubai-an!!!! I got my passport this morning with a visa in it 🙂
Keep well and hope to hear from everyone really soon!
Miss and love you all stax
Love Hazy

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